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Canada Vacations Planning Guide

The scale and grandeur of this incredible country has to be seen to be appreciated. Canada is a country that once visited, creates memories that last a lifetime. It is the second largest country in the world with time zones that span 4.5 hours.

Canada is a major tourist destination and renowned worldwide for its vast, natural landscapes and stunning scenery. The country offers visitors a truly unique vacation experience with a exceptional diversity of natural attractions.

From the beautiful Pacific coastline and forests of British Columbia, across the majestic Rockies and the rolling wheat field plains of the central provinces, past the great waterways of the east and on to historic sites along the eastern coast...  Canada has it all!

Some of the finest National Parks anywhere in the world are found in Canada. The peaceful serenity of the parks, the unique wildlife and the jaw-dropping scenery create magical holiday memories.

The snow fields of Canada are famous the world over, providing some of the world's best skiing. Banff, Jasper, Whistler and Mont-Tremblant are just a few of the locations that attract hordes of ski devotees. Canadian festivals provide some of the world's great attractions and attract millions of visitors each year.

Canada is a truly multi-cultural society with a population approaching 35 million (2010). Approximately 60% of the population is English speaking, 23% is French speaking and the remaining 17% is a mix of the original native inhabitants plus the languages of immigrants who have long favoured Canada as their new home. Toronto has the reputation as being one of the most multi-cultural cities on earth.

The harsh climate and terrain of Canada's northern regions has discouraged major settlement and the bulk of the population live in cities a short distance from the USA border in the south. Much of the northern regions have large deposits of coal, oil and natural gas and a scattering of small towns service those industries.

Most overseas visitors to Canada will arrive by air and the biggest international airports are at Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. The majority of the major airline operate from those cities but there are also international services in and out of cities such as Halifax, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Kelowna, Cranbrook, and Victoria.

Air Canada and its operatives provide the majority of internal flights. Canada offers a broad cross section of quality accommodation options and visitors will find excellent choices in all the price ranges by using our recommended hotels price comparison tool.

For holiday makers wanting to take advantage of the outdoors, and especially if a self drive vacation is being planned, the best time is to visit is summer. To experience everything that Canada has to offer, consider a winter holiday... but.. remember that winter temperatures in some parts of Canada can drop to -40 C or more.

So... having chosen Canada as your #1 holiday destination, the challenge is deciding where to go and what to see and do when you get there. This site is all about helping you make the right decisions. We recommend you bookmark this site and call back regularly as new content is added all the time.


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