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Canada Top Fishing Regions

With a Pacific coastline to the west, an Atlantic coastline to the east and more freshwater rivers and lakes than an other country on the planet, it's little wonder that Canada is the angler's idea of paradise.

First Nation Indian societies, the ultimate hunter/gatherers, relied on the abundance of fish to satisfy most of their meat needs. To this day, most Canadians have an affinity for hunting and fishing and usually don't have to travel very far to find a fishing spot.

Fishing is allowed in all of Canada's national parks and reserves but before you drop in a line, it's necessary to have a valid national park fishing permit and to be familiar with the fishing regulations.

Fishing is big business in Canada and a major source of generating recreational revenue across all the provinces, so you are going to need a valid fishing licence wherever you go. These are usually available from fishing lodges, sporting goods centers, hardware stores and tackle shops.

Canada has some great fighting trophy fish and a diversity of fishing locations that range from the local roadside lake through to fishing lodges in remote wilderness areas. The Canadian winter is a time to try ice fishing through holes cut or drilled through the ice.

While Canada provides opportunities for both saltwater and freshwater fishing, it is the latter that most people think of when it comes to Canadian fishing. It's impossible to do justice to all the good fishing locations on just one website page, but here is an introduction to some of Canada's more popular fishing regions.

Ontario Fishing

Ontario is a renowned freshwater fishing paradise with over 15% of all the freshwater on the planet, held in over a quarter million lakes and rivers. The province offers arguably the greatest variety of freshwater fishing in the world, and there are more places to catch them than one can imagine.

Canada has 180 varieties of fish and 144 of them are found in Ontario. Walleye, pike, salmon, muskie and a variety of trout just scratch the surface of what you can catch.  If you are an angler that likes diversity, Ontario is your place. There are waters that have never been fished to this day as the sheer size of the province makes it difficult to reach all the locations.

Ontario has six fishing regions that range from easily accessible, drive-in sites through to remote wilderness locations where access by air is the only option.

Saskatchewan Fishing

Saskatchewan is home to more than 100,000 lakes which makes for a great fishing adventure. Incredible fishing extends right from the southern border through to the North West Territories. Saskatchewan has more than 65 freshwater species, the most typical trophies being walleye, pike, perch, arctic grayling and a variety of trout which are found in most places  throughout the province.

Big fish are commonplace throughout Saskatchewan. Walleye over 8kg have been taken in both summer and winter and   Northern pike up to 18kg are caught every year. Lake trout have been caught in excess of 20kg with the record being a lake trout caught in the 1960's that weighed in at more than 45kg.

Saskatchewan has three fishing regions. Locations in the south are usually close to urban centers and are accessible by road. Many of the crystal clear lakes and rivers of the centre of the province are easily accessible by road but as you head north, lakes become accessible only by air. Fishing in the northern region brings the enjoyment of untouched surroundings and crystal lakes where access is by air only. This is where some of the best experiences can happen while fishing in Saskatchewan.

British Columbia Fishing

Canada's westernmost province, BC is a fisherman’s paradise offering choices for both both freshwater and ocean. As well as the 20,000 kms of Pacific coastline, the province has more than 25,000 lakes and thousands of kms of streams and rivers.  Fly fishing a perfect stream, taking a float plane to a remote river location or hooking a monster from the depths of the ocean is all possible in British Columbia.

The friendly little town of Ucluelet, located on the pristine west coast of Vancouver Island, is justifiably renowned as one of Canada's fishing "hot spots". The top salmon and halibut charter companies land enormous catches as just a normal part of the local fishing experience.

At the top of most anglers “must do list” when visiting BC is the Chinook salmon, the most sought after fish in BC. Chinook have been caught that weigh over 30kg and will challenge anglers of any skill level. Steelhead trout is another terrific game-fish popular with anglers in BC. Pound for pound there may not be a stronger fighting fish in Canada.

The quality of fishing matches the scenery in nearly every region of the province. There are more lakes and rivers than can be counted and the variety of fish species is incredible. Cutthroat, rainbow trout, char, pike, bass and whitefish are caught  in most regions. There are fishing lodges in every region of the province. Whether it is an outdoor adventure in the Kootenay Rockies, or something with more creature comforts in Vancouver, you'll can find it in BC.

Manitoba Fishing

There is a good reason why Manitoba features high on the list of destinations most savvy anglers want to visit. It is a fishing paradise over 100, 000 km˛ of lakes and rivers. The province boasts well over 100 outfitters and fishing lodges. The freshwater river systems such as The Red River, Assiniboine, Nelson, Hayes and Churchill Rivers are all major contributors to the fish population and anglers enjoyment.

There are 75 different fish species in Manitoba, with only Ontario and Quebec having more. There is more than enough diversity here to satisfy any angler. Manitoba has a committed fish management program that ensures a strong supply of gamefish such as walleye, northern pike, catfish, a variety of trout and many others.

It's the northern reaches of the province, often called “north of 53”, that offers fishing like no other in the province.  This is the place for rugged terrain, pristine waters and trophy fish. Walleye, northern pike, big lake trout and whitefish all inhabit this region. While some water systems in the north can be reached by road, many are accessible only by air.

Yukon Fishing

Just you, picture postcard scenery, the water and matching your wits with trophy game fish in the middle of a wilderness area the size of Spain.... welcome to fishing the Yukon, one of the world's last great frontiers. The best time for fishing the Yukon is the summer months of June - July but experienced anglers will say that the Yukon is productive from early spring through  fall. It all depends on what you are after.

The Yukon lakes are cold, clear and offer superb sport fishing with magnificent trophy specimens landed daily. It's not uncommon to land Lake Trout weighing over 20kgs and northern pike tipping the scales at 18kgs. Yukon waters also provide opportunities to catch other game fish such arctic grayling, varieties of salmon plus rainbow and steelhead trout.

Fishing the waters of the Yukon will provide you with an abundance of fighting game fish, in a magnificent setting and with amenities that are the equal of any outpost fishing lodges you will find elsewhere in Canada.

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