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Canada Top Fall Foliage Viewing Sites

The Canadian countryside, except for the prairies and some tundra regions, is heavily forested with deciduous trees ie. they loose their leaves in winter. The leaves start the die-back process at the end of summer, and during the following fall (autumn) the dying leaves change colour.

It is forests full of these changing colours that create a visual spectacle on such a scale that people travel long distances to witness it. Some locations provide the best viewing experience and the purpose of this page is to highlight the top viewing spots.

There are different tree species across the country, so naturally the fall displays vary both in colours and timing. The intensity of autumn color is at its best in the eastern provinces although the western provinces of Alberta and British Columbia also have something special to offer.

However, if the purpose of your visit is to see the very best of the fall foliage, then Ontario, Quebec or the eastern Maritime provinces would be the better choices. The Ontario Parks Dept lists no less than 50 viewing sites throughout the province!

The following locations are considered to be some of the best in Canada to view the changing colors of autumn, starting in the west and moving east across the country.


September and October is the best viewing time in the Rockies. The forests are preparing for the onset of winter and the annual show of foliage colors is underway. The Banff and Jasper National Parks, and the surrounding areas, are spectacular during fall when the forest leaves display a kaleidoscope of yellow, red and orange.  Some of the best views can be seen from the Banff Gondola and the Jasper Tramway, both of which provide spectacular panoramic views.

As always, the one and only Lake Louise is a great site for a photo opportunity and the hike from the lake up to nearby Lake Agnes provides some great foliage vantage points.


Along with Quebec, Ontario is one of the most popular Canadian destinations for viewing the fall foliage displays, and there are scores of viewing sites throughout the province. One of the most popular sites is Algonquin Park and much of its popularity lies in the fact that it is located on the outskirts of  Toronto. The natural attractions of this park can only be explored on foot or by canoe as there is no vehicle access. The best fall foliage displays are from the end of September to end of October. [See Great Fall Drives]

Another spectacular Ontario site is the Agawa Canyon. This northern Ontario site is seen at its best from the Agawa Canyon Tour Train, a service operated by Algoma Central Railway. This daily service departs Sault Ste Marie at 8:00am and returns at 5:30pm, following a route passing the pristine lakes, jagged cliffs and the brilliant yellows and reds of some of Canada's best fall foliage.

Located on the Canada- USA border, the Niagra Parkway is considered to be one of the most visually impressive routes in Canada. The most spectacular stretch of this route lies between Queenston and Niagara-on-the-Lake and reaches its colourful climax in early October.

The Bruce Peninsula is the site of some of Canada's most stunning fall foliage displays. The site is part of the The Bruce Trail, one of Canada's most popular hiking trails, renowned for the local wildlife, flora and great water views. The autumn colours throughout the ancient forests are stunning from the end of September to early October. Check the Ontario Parks Fall Color Report for autumn color activity and great viewing spot suggestions.


There is no better place to observe this annual spectacle than the Laurentian Mountains, just a short drive north of Montreal. This elevated site, which is also a popular wintertime sports and ski centre, displays one of the most colourful vistas of fall foliage anywhere in Canada.

Québec's stunning autumn colours come from the variety of different tree species. The colours peak at the end of September and continue through to mid- to- late October. Visitors can celebrate the season at the annual Symphony of Colours Festival in the ski resort town of Mont-Tremblant.

Prince Edward Island

PEI has one of the longest fall foliage displays mainly due to the influence of the warm ocean waters that give the island a relatively moderate climate compared to most other places in Canada. The forests on Prince Edward Island show an exceptional variety of autumn colours. The fall foliage season is celebrated on the island with the Fall Flavours Festival held throughout September.

Nova Scotia

The Cabot Trail, winding around Cape Breton's northern shoreline in Nova Scotia, is one of the world's most beautiful drives. The trail winds through a spectacular, multi-hued landscape of reds, oranges, golds and crimsons. The fall display reaches its peak during the first two weeks of October. Some excellent viewing sites can be found at the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. [Nova Scotia Fall Foliage Sites]

New  Brunswick

The Fundy Coastal Drive in New Brunswick is another "must see" Canadian fall foliage tour that delivers some of the most  outstanding viewing available anywhere in the country. The route skirts the Bay Of Fundy, renowned as one of the great marine wonders.  The wall of vibrant red and pumpkin orange is at its best during the first two weeks of October.

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