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Canada Top Hiking Trails

If there is one thing that Canada has an abundance of, it has to be world class walking and hiking trails. This is a country for hanging up the car keys, lacing up a pair of sturdy boots and seeing the unique countryside up close and personal.

Trails have played an important role in Canada's history, from the first footpaths of the original natives, the routes followed by the legendary explorers through to the recreation and adventure sites of today. Every region of Canada has trails to lead you away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The visitor will find hikes of all types, ranging from easy tourist strolls of an hour or two through to extended hiking adventures in the pristine wilderness areas such as the Yukon and North West Territories that make up such a large part of this country.

The incredible Canadian National and Provincial Parks are the sites of many of the better known and most popular hikes. The majestic Rockies through British Columbia and Alberta are the home of trails that offer some of the world's most incredible mountain scenery. 

The Trans Canada Trail is an enormous project that will link walking trails across the entire width of the country ans stand as a testament to Canadians great love of the outdoors. The hiking trails listed below are considered to be some of the most popular in Canada and range from short duration tourist treks through to adventures that should only be considered by an experienced hiker with an understanding of self sufficient outdoor living.

Juan de Fuca Marine Trail (Vancouver Island)

This 47km trail in the park of the same name, takes 4 days to complete the full route. A series of access points allow it to be broken into day long sectors. This little known trial is an extension of the better known West Coast Trail.

Orphan Lake (Ontario)

A short 8 km return hike just north of Katherine Cove in the Lake Superior Provincial Park on the shores of Lake Superior. This diverse trail has cobble beaches, waterfalls, dense maple forests and elevated lookouts.

Skyline Trail (Alberta)

Located in the Jasper National Park and considered to be one of Canada's finest mountain treks. Spend 4 days above the tree line taking in the incredible views. The 26 km trail starts at Maligne Lake and ends at Maligne Lake Road.

Canol Heritage Trail (North West Territories)

One of the "biggies" of Canadian wilderness treks, this challenging 327 km adventure is a portion of the Trans Canada Trail. It is one of the most remote treks in the world, extending from the Yukon/North West Territories border to Norman Wells. This is true wilderness hiking with just you, the wildlife and the elements.

Long Range Traverse (Newfoundland & Labrador)

A challenging 4 day trek covering 35km across the mountains of the Grose Morne National Park. This is one of the toughest trails in this part of the world and requires permits plus advice from the park rangers. A compass plus GPS are essential equipment for navigating the maze of caribou tracks that crisscross the alpine plateaus.

The Donjek Route (Yukon)

This is another of the "biggies" of Canadian trails, being an extremely challenging 100km route through the Kluane National Park in the southwestern corner of Yukon Territory. The trail runs through the heart of some of Canada's wildest alpine and glacier landscapes.

Crypt Lake Trail (Alberta)

This is a challenging 18km day hike in the Waterton National Park, one of the Rockies best kept secret destinations and located in the southwestern corner of the province. The route is accessible by ferry and involves a tunnel climb and an unusual crystal lake.

La Cloche Silhouette Trail (Ontario)

A rugged 100 km trek for experienced hikers is through the while La Cloche hills in Killarney Provincial Park, home of some of the world's best kayaking and the jewel of the Ontario park system. The route includes a lookout from Silver Peak across the park lakes.

Wilcox Ridge/Parker Ridge (Alberta)

These two short, easy ridge walks (just 4.0km and 2.4 km respectively) are just a few minutes apart in the Banff & Jasper National Parks. They offer some of the finest glacier views available anywhere in Canada.

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