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Newfoundland Travel & Holidays

Capital City: St John's

Newfoundland and Labrador is the correct name of this province which is one of Canada's Atlantic provinces. Newfoundland, a British colony until 1949, is an island and is separated from mainland Labrador by the narrow waters of the Strait of Belle Isle.

The province was one of the world's great fishing centres until the North Atlantic cod numbers were depleted, catch limits imposed and the industry was decimated. Visitors are sometimes coaxed into "Kissing the Cod", a light hearted "tradition" with links to the historic fishing industry.

Nowadays, the province looks to its plentiful supplies of natural resources such as copper, nickel and iron ore. There are hydro-electric sites and off-shore natural gas and oil still to be tapped.

The distinctive local dialect bears testimony to the origins of the original settlers from Ireland, England, France and with a few Scots to round off the mix. Newfoundlanders are a hardy breed, known for their friendliness and hospitality.

Visitors will experience many extraordinary things in Newfoundland and Labrador, a place where everyone talks to everyone, everyone helps everyone and everyone seems to know everyone.  The rugged natural beauty of the province, the traditional culture, the rocky coasts and stunningly beautiful trails, the historic Avalon Peninsula and the power of the mostly uninhabited Newfoundland interior all combine to provide an awesome experience.

Things To See & Do

  • Bonavista Peninsula: The best-known peninsula in Newfoundland and where John Cabot is thought to have sighted the "New World" for the first time in 1497. Visit the lovely village of Trinity and the historic site of Cape Bonavista.

  • Gros Morne National Park: Visit the scenic sites of Western Brook Gorge,  Bonne Bay and East Arm Fiord and the village of Woody Point

  • L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Park: A UNESCO World List of Protected Cultural Monuments site where early Viking mud huts dating from around 1000AD were discovered in 1962.

  • Castle Hill National Historic Site: The site of English and French fortifications dating to 1693. Thehistory is told in the Interpretive Center.

  • Terra Nova National Park: 400 sq km of National Park on the shores of Bonavista Bay. A wildlife area and a bird sanctuary around a craggy coastline of glaciers and fiords.

  • Hike the TransCanada Trail following the old CN Rail line.

  • Downhill skiing at Marble Mountain and cross-country skiing at Blow-Me-Down

  • Bike the Viking Trail, a place of pristine, unspoiled beauty.

  • Hike the East Coast Trail with lots of opportunity for day hikes and backpacking

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