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North West Territories Travel Guide

Capital City: Yellowknife

Originally intended to be all the territories to the west and north of Ontario (hence the name), the North West Territories area was reduced by the creation of the Yukon Territory in 1898 and by Nunavut Territory in 1999.

This is a region of wide open wilderness expanses and very few human inhabitants. Visitors come for the wildlife and to photograph caribou, bison, muskox, wild sheep and rare birds. The lakes are teeming with fish and anglers from around the world are drawn here for the sport.

The local tour operators, not surprisingly, offer wilderness and adventure packages with lots of canoeing and kayaking, camping, hiking, photo safaris, trophy fishing and hunting. Once the rivers start flowing, canoeing becomes a popular pastime on the cascading waters and on the calm, pristine lakes.

When the nights darken in autumn and winter, the northern lights come out to play and the North West Territories is one of the best places anywhere on the planet to experience this incredible phenomenon.

Things To See & Do

  • Fort Providence: A small town on the Mackenzie River where it enters Great Slave Lake and best known for the selection of Indian arts, crafts and handmade winter garments. Boats can be rented in the town.

  • Great Slave Lake: Famous amongst anglers for its excellent trout and pike, with plenty of Arctic grayling in the tributaries.

  • The Mackenzie River Delta: 12,000 sq. km of unique terrain with magnificent displays of color from flowers and mosses during the brief summer. A very special environment with a great variety of wildlife on water and land.

  • Nahanni National Park: Situated in the Mackenzie Mountains in the lovely valley of the South Nahanni River. The UNESCO World Heritage Listed park is totally untouched with no roads nor accommodation within the conservation area.

  • Wood Buffalo National Park: A World Heritage Site of 45,000 sq km and one of Canada's biggest national Parks. A wildlife sanctuary and rare bird breeding ground.

  • Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre: Located in Yellowknife with a large mineral/mining display, finds from  archaeological research, the culture of the local Dene Indians and shows the influence of the fur trade.

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