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Nunavut Travel & Holidays Guide

Capital City: Iqaluit

Nunavut is an huge territory the size of Western Europe but with a population of barely 30,000 people. It comprises a large portion of the northern tip of the North American continent. The Danish territory of Greenland is its northern neighbour. The name is a translation of our land in the language of the Inuit people, the territory's major ethnic group.

Nunavut consists of part of the mainland plus a large number of islands in Hudson Bay and the Arctic Ocean. The territory was separated from the North West Territory in 1999.

Access is by air only, which means all goods have to be flown in and that leads to high prices for food and consumables. All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and trucks are used during the short summer, but for most of the year when there is snow on the ground, snowmobiles are the usual mode of transport.

This is the land of the Midnight Sun where in summer, the daylight lasts forever. Being a remote wilderness area, the territory is a highlight for hunters and anglers seeking new experiences.

"Floe edge" tourism is a unique adventure in this part of the world where you stand in isolation at the very edge where the sea meets the retreating ice edge.

Any visit to Nunavut should include taking the time to see the arts and crafts of the Inuit people. Crafts vary from place to place, but the quality of the art, the skill of the carving and the artistry in the leather garments makes Inuit arts and crafts highly sought after.

Things To See & Do

  • See some of the world's greatest animal species in a totally natural environment

  • Bring you camera to one of the greatest birding locations in the world

  • Henik Lake Adventures for some of Nunavut Territory's most prestigious and unique big-game trophy animals

  • See glaciers, mountains, musk-ox and polar bears in majestic National Parks

  • Enjoy a unique backpacking hike through the pristine wildernes

  • Canoe or kayak along some of the worlds' least explored rivers, sharing the environment with the local wildlife.

  • Enjoy the quiet warmth of the local Inuit people and appreciate the quality of their arts and crafts.

  • Discover the Arctic from the comfort and safety of a cruise ship

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