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This site promotes products and services associated with Canadian travel and tourism and html links are used to connect viewers with said products and services. No user data records are kept of the followed links. Transaction records are only captured by merchants at the time of making a booking or reservation.

This website also publishes auto-generated contextual adverts from the Google Adwords programme and its advertising partners. This type of advertising uses cookies to serve adverts that is based on the user's prior history of visits to this website and/or other websites on the Internet.

While the intent of this website is to display only advertising from the Google Adwords programmme, cookies of other third-party vendors or ad networks may also be used to serve advertising on this site. Users can opt out of some third-party vendor's use of cookies for interest-based advertising by visiting aboutads.info

The operators of this website do not capture any user data.  There is no follow-up promotions and advertising and no user data is sold to third parties.

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