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Regina Holidays Guide

Regina, the second largest city in the province of Saskatchewan, was named the capital in 1906. It was established in 1882 and is located on a treeless, flat plain. There were no distinctive environmental features in the area except for a small creek.

However, today with an abundance of hand-planted trees, shrubs, man-made parks, lagoons and green spaces, the city resembles an oasis with numerous walking and bicycle paths.

The most notable feature of the city transformation was the damming of the Wascana Creek to form the decorative Wascana Lake near the central business district. Residential and city areas have followed the green-trend with the planting of American elm trees in their gardens and on the boulevards.

Regina was hit by a deadly tornado in 1912, killing and injuring many people and levelling much of the city's business district.

During the period from 1945 to 1970 a significant number of historical buildings were demolished to make way for progress and modernization. However, some older buildings were saved and with renovations and strict building codes, they now remain as part of the heritage of this city.

The summers are warm and the winter months cold and dry but the region is prone to extreme temperatures at all times of the year. The population of over 180,000 comprises mainly European, English, Indian and South Asian immigrants. The area's economy is based mainly on the industries of oil, natural gas and other resources but farming and agriculture remain an important and significant component.

A great variety of entertainment, music and fine arts is on offer and the city has one of the largest ratios of restaurants to citizens, backed up by plenty of bars and al fresco eating establishments.

Regina Highlights

The Royal Saskatchewan Museum: Attracting in excess of 140,000 visitors each year, the museum houses three main galleries detailing Saskatchewans' ecological regions, native animals, birds, fish, insects, artworks, artifacts and preshistoric and geological history. It is equipped with interactive learning stations and hands-on exhibits.

Mackenzie Art Gallery: Over 3500 Canadian historical and contemporary art works, photography and folk art are on display here and a variety of exhibitions are held during the course of the year. The gift shop offers a fine selection of Inuit art, handmade jewellery, pottery, glassware, books and giftware.

Saskatchewan Science Centre: Located on the shores of Wascana Lake, the centre was previously the old powerhouse which has now been preserved and restored. The centre opened in 1989 with hands-on science exhibits, live stage shows and demonstrations. The second attraction, the Kramer IMAX Theatre, opened in 1991. Educational and entertaining programs are delivered to students and there is an on-site Gift Shop.

Wascana Center: 2,300 acre park built around Wascana Lake. Some of the buildings contained in this area are: two campus from the University of Regina, the Regina Conservatory of Music, the provincial Legislative Building, concert venues, a total of three museums including the Royal Saslatchewan Museum, the Saskatchewan Science Centre, sporting facilities as well as a waterfowl park which provides a refuge for geese, ducks and other birds.

RCMP Heritage Centre: Located in the grounds of the RCMP Academy, Depot Division, this great stone, glass and concrete building was opened in 2007. There are permanent and temporary exhibits and some from other institutions too. A 30 metre long sculpture can be found in the Main Hall. An exciting and educational feature presentation detailing the past, present and future of the RCMP is delivered in the 125 seat theatre.

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