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Saskatchewan Travel & Holiday Guide

Capital City: Regina

Saskatchewan is one of Canada's prairie provinces. The southern part is flat terrain with endless fields of wheat. This is a region of fresh air, wide open horizons and beautiful star filled night skies. The provincial tourism slogan (2010) is "The Land of Living Skies"

The northern region is covered in timbered forests and low hills that contain most of Saskatchewan's 100,000 lakes. Communities are separated by long distances in the north and services are limited.

Farming is still one of the largest sectors of the economy along with the revenues from oil, gas and mining. While it certainly offers visitors some great holiday experiences, the Saskatchewan travel and tourism sector is not big compared to some of the other Canadian provinces. Not surprising when the entire province has a population that is approximately 28% of Montreal's.

With its abundance of freshwater lakes, Saskatchewan is an anglers paradise and offers all types of water based activities. The remote wilderness areas and plentiful wildlife attract hunters as well as lovers of the great outdoors who can enjoy uncrowded parks and recreation  areas and activities such as canoeing and horseback riding.

The history of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (the Mounties) is closely interwoven with the history of Saskatchewan. Any visit to this province provides a unique opportunity to learn how important this iconic organization was in shaping the early history, not only of Saskatchewan, but much of Canada.

The knowledge of Saskatchewan’s First Nations, their understanding of the land and wildlife, and their vibrant culture is on display to visitors at heritage sites, galleries, museums and events throughout the province.

Things To See & Do

  • Batoche National Historic Site: Site of the decisive 1885 battle between the Métis insurgents and troops from the North West Mounted Police.

  • Cut Knife Hill: Historic site overlooking Battle River Valley where in 1885 Canadian troops lost a battle with the Indians.

  • Fort Carlton Provincial Historic Park: An historic site dating from 1820 which was an important trading post and part of the Hudson Bay Company empire.

  • Fort Battleford National Historic Park: A site where Battleford's history is brought to life. Exhibits and buildings explain the role played by the North West Mounted Police (the "Mounties") in the development of Western Canada.

  • Western Development Museum: A heritage farm and village that shows the history of agriculture in the region. An exhibition of agricultural equipment and tools with summer demonstrations of farming techniques prior to the 1920s. A  reconstruction of a small 1925 town incorporates many original buildings, including a railway station, a barber's shop and a school.

  • Prince Albert National Park: Saskatchewan's most attractive National Park, the ancestral home of early North American Indians and now a renowned wildlife and bird habitat.

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