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Yukon Travel & Holidays Guide

Capital City: Whitehorse

One of the world's great wilderness areas, the Yukon shares its western border with Alaska. Many of the visitors to the Yukon are in-transit on the Alaska Highway. The Yukon is a very sparsely populated territory with a total population of around 30,000 people, less than most towns in southern Canada.

If driving long distances does not deter you, exploring the Yukon by road is a great way to see the grandeur and natural beauty of this territory. Allow for gas stations being a long way apart,  ensure your vehicle is in good condition and expect to see large animals in the middle of the highway.

The Yukon is one of the best places to see the winter display of the  Northern Lights. Summer days are very long in this land of the Midnight Sun and can last a full 24 hours north of the Arctic Circle.

Snowmobiles are the usual form of transport and going for dog sled rides is a popular activity in the winter. In the summer, hunting and fishing are popular activities.

Things To See & Do

  • The Alaska Highway: One of the world's greatest, and longest, scenic drives that connects Dawson Creek in British Columbia through the Yukon Territory to Fairbanks in Alaska.

  • Dawson City: The main town of the Yukon/Klondike gold rush. Now a preserved historic site with a lot of original buildings and features on show for summer tourists,

  • Kluane National Park: A World Heritage Listed Mountain Park, home to the world's most massive icefields outside the polar region and the site of 400 glaciers. The park is rich in wildlife and attracts climbers and naturalists from all over the world. This is the site of Mount Logan, Canada's highest mountain peak at 6050 m.

  • The Top of the World Highway: An elevated stretch of highway west of Dawson City that runs above the tree line and offers wonderful panoramic views.

  • Try out some of best canoeing, kayaking and whitewater rafting destinations in the world when the summer melt pours huge quantities of water in the rivers and streams.

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