6 Festivals In Canada That You Must Attend

Canada is a multicultural country, and people live here in peace and harmony. Different festivals go on throughout the year which celebrates life. If you visit Canada, here are some festivals you may think of attending.

Montreal Jazz Festival

This is a paradise for jazz lovers. It is considered to be the biggest jazz festival in the world. It takes place for 10 days in Montreal. You will see 20 or more stages set up for musicians from all over the world to perform. Millions of audiences attend this festival. You will see free jazz concerts throughout the festival.


This festival takes place for three weeks. It is a festival of ice; there will be ice art, ice sports, and wonderful music. You can try ice skating in the world’s largest skate rink. You will see amazing ice sculptures. There are many musical events and various activities. Every year many tourists gather here to experience winter differently.

Just For Laughs

This is a festival of laughter where outstanding comedians and theatre groups participate. You will have lots of fun attending this event. The performances are also aired on different TV channels.


This event takes place in Edmonton. It’s a celebration of music, good food, and lots of adventure. You will learn about the rich culture of Edmonton by taking part in this festival.

Calgary Stampede

If you want to experience cowboy country vibes, then you should attend this festival. It is one of the greatest outdoor festivals in the world. It takes place for ten days. Here you will see the cultural diversity of Canada.

Canada Day Celebrations

This is a similar festival to the 4th of July in the US. The streets are adorned with red and white colours. You will get to taste delicious local beer and watch awesome fireworks. This festival is celebrated throughout the nation every year.

All these festivals have their uniqueness. You will have a great time attending these events with the local people. You will learn a lot about the various cultures in Canada.